BASE Stick 101 - BC92 Backstrom Curve

September 06, 2012

BASE Stick 101 - BC92 Backstrom Curve

The BC92 Backstrom Curve is one of Base Hockey's most popular curves, probably because it is the deepest curve that we carry. It's very easy to use because of the GIANT mid pocket.

The disadvantage of this huge pocket is that it makes shooting and passing on your backhand more difficult.



  • Available in SR and INT LIE 5 and 6
  • Deep Mid Curve
  • Open Face
  • Round Toe
  • Medium Length

Deep Pocket

When a blade has a GIANT curve like the BC92 Backstrom, it wraps around the contours of the puck a little bit more so cupping the puck is super easy. This means the blade is able to grab the puck and control it. That's why it's such a great curve for beginners learning how to keep their head up. Learning how to control the puck while keeping your head up is definitely a great way to take your game to the next level.

nicklas backstrom


  • Stickhandling
  • Toe Drags
  • Dekes
  • Dangling
  • Shot Power
  • Raising The Puck in close
  • Saucer Passes


  • Backhand Passing
  • Backhand Shots

Similar Curves

  • Naslund
  • Sakic
  • Draper
  • Datsyuk
  • LeCavalier
  • Rafalski
  • Nash
  • Statsny/Crosby

Critical Comments

Have you played the Backstrom BC92? Let us know in the comments below how it plays for you...

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