The goal at BASE is to...

Bring the PRO experience to amateur hockey
players of all ages.

Our mission starts with high-end, custom-built stick designs manufactured in our own factory located in North America. High-speed photography capabilities at our Fitting Centres combined with Pro instruction help drive a shooting analysis protocol that further defines a player's individual performance needs in a stick design. Let the player choose their preferred grip, colour, and even put a name and number on their stick. Lastly, by structuring a consumer-direct distribution system, BASE can deliver these performance products to the player at a fraction of the cost at retail.

In short, Performance, Customization and Value is what we at BASE believe will change the game.


President and Co-Founder: Ron Kunisaki

Mr. Kunisaki has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from UCLA and a Juris Doctorate degree in law from George Washington University. In 1993 Ron founded and launched Innovative Hockey Inc. (IHI), the first composite hockey stick company in North America. In 2005, he sold IHI to Warrior Hockey (a subsidiary of New Balance Inc.). Ron brings his cutting-edge composite design and industry leading innovations to BASE.

Vice President and Co-Founder: Cliff Ronning

Mr. Ronning is a 19 year veteran of the NHL. He played on seven NHL teams, represented Canada in two World Championships and played one pro season in Europe. In addition to concluding his playing career in the 89th spot amongst the NHL's all-time scoring leaders, Cliff is enshrined in the British Columbia Hockey Hall of Fame. Immediately after retiring, Cliff’s hockey expertise shifted towards fitting NHL players, where he was nicknamed “The Stick Doctor”. Cliff heads up BASE HOCKEY's Shooting Analysis and Custom Fitting protocol.