Special Ops Testing Team

Thank you for your interest in the BASE Special Ops Testing Team. The purpose of this program is to organize a small team of hockey players that will be given the opportunity to test new products from BASE Hockey.

If selected you will be required to give feedback (written and/or video) on your experience with the new product. This will help make our products the best they can be.

The products that we make available for testing are virtually finished products that we need your help to make one or two final tweaks on.

If chosen as a member of the Special Ops team you will be eligible for:

  • Early access to new, unreleased products from BASE
  • Incentives for being an active member of the Special Ops Team
  • Be part of an exclusive group of elite players

Applications for the 2017 Special Ops Team are now closed. Stay tuned to this page to sign up for the team when we launch our next product.