Custom SS10 - Senior

The SS10 updates BASE's Original Flagship Stick (The Savoy Special) with a toughened resin. Same great puck feel, balance and durability.
With the kickpoint located between the mid-kick of a SuperNatural and low-kick of a Nasty, the SS10 is the perfect all around stick for both forwards and defensemen.
Dual kickpoint design loads easier for a harder shot.
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The SS10 incorporates features from several of our current and past custom sticks to offer unmatched performance, customization, and durability.

Much like the Nasty, it is well balanced stick to provide good performance for all around gameplay.

It also features our most durable construction yet, taken from the SuperNatural.

Furthermore, the SS10 adopts Low Torque Technology from the Reign LT.

Its versatile kickpoint is higher than the Nasty but lower than the SuperNatural