BASE Stick 101 – The BB15 Heatley Curve (#50in07)

April 19, 2019

BASE Stick 101 – The BB15 Heatley Curve (#50in07)

BASE Hockey is proud to introduce its new BB15 Heatley curve – a short, square-toed pattern ideal for dangling through traffic or firing screened wristers. The Heatley curve will allow you to play like a real All-Star®, just like its namesake.

Above: Dany Heatley, bona fide All-Star, scorer of #50in07, and has an awesome pattern named after him


  • Available in Senior and Intermediate
  • Available for one-piece sticks or tapered replacement blades
  • Available in right-handed only
  • Lie 5.0
  • Mid curve, mild depth, slightly open
  • Square toe
  • Short length



The BB15’s short length and mild curve make it the perfect pattern for stickhandling through the D-man’s tripod, putting the puck in his skates, and watching his ankles shatter. You’ll have great control on the forehand and backhand (because who doesn’t love a backhand toe drag), allowing you to clown defenders like an All-Star Game MVP™.

Watch: Dany Heatley embarrasses the Leafs


If you’d prefer not to mess around with fancy moves and just go ched’ instead, the BB15’s short, square blade allows you to release your shots with little space, letting you fire the puck in tight through a defenseman’s legs. Goalies can’t stop what they don’t see, so soon enough you’ll be potting 50 goals, just like in ’07.

Watch: Dany Heatley snipes one through a screen


  • Shallow depth and mild loft give maximum control on backhand
  • Square toe helps with puck retrieval off the boards (if you don’t have your linemates do that for you)
  • Short length allows for easy stickhandling and shooting through traffic


  • Short blade makes pass reception and one-timers more difficult
  • Square toe and flat rocker can hinder shooters who load up the toe of the blade
  • Mild loft makes it harder to elevate the puck in tight on forehand
  • Causes irresistible urge to demand a trade

Although this article is meant as an introduction to our new pattern, the only way to know for sure if it’s the right one for you is to come try it out at a BASE Hockey fitting center near you. You can also get your hands on this beauty curve today by calling our customer service representatives at 1-888-728-6977 or emailing

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