Now Available for Limited Time Pre-Order: The BC08 Ovechkin Pro Pattern

April 08, 2019

Now Available for Limited Time Pre-Order: The BC08 Ovechkin Pro Pattern

Arguably the greatest goal scorer in NHL history, Alexander Ovechkin is known for his booming, accurate, and seemingly unstoppable shot. Teams have tried to shut him down, but he’s in the Rocket Richard trophy race nearly every season. Such an elite goal-scorer depends on his hockey IQ and skills, but he also needs help to reach the top. An elite playmaker or two – Backstrom and Kuznetsov – sure help. But just as every sniper needs a rifle with the right scope, every goal-scorer needs a twig with the right curve.

Ovi’s pro pattern is not for the faint of heart. It’s extreme, specialized, and tricky to use. However, if it fits your playing style, and if you can master it, it could be what you need to take your game to the next level. This pattern is now available to pre-order for a limited-edition run of one-piece sticks and blades!



  • Will be available in Senior, Intermediate, BIGGIE, Junior Pro and Junior
  • Will be available for one-piece sticks or tapered replacement blades
  • Toe-to-heel curve, very deep, very open
  • Tapered toe
  • Short length



Although Ovi is an underrated playmaker, everyone knows that’s not why he’s a lock as a first-ballot hall of famer. It’s no surprise then that his pattern is optimized for top-shelf forehand shots. The wide and deep pocket, which runs almost the entire length of the blade from heel to toe, helps scoop up pucks and fire them quickly from anywhere on the blade. You can snap a quick shot off the toe to surprise the goalie or load up a full wrist shot mid-blade for maximum power and accuracy. The radical loft means you’ll be shooting a lot higher on average than with other patterns, helping you pick corners even from in-tight. Ovi doesn’t often shoot for rebounds.

Watch: Ovechkin fires a wrister top-corner



The Ovi Pro’s deep heel-to-toe curve makes for a huge sweet spot, so you can rip one-timers off imperfect passes like Ovi does. This is in contrast to a “pure” toe curve like the BC01 Hossa, which has a smaller toe pocket that requires more precise puck placement on the blade and is less forgiving on one-timers. Because of the Ovi Pro’s large pocket, you can shoot from in front, beside, or behind your stance, allowing you to create one-timer opportunities off imperfect passes. After all, it’s no use having a cannon shot if you can’t actually get your shot off in a game. Ovi often leads the NHL in shots on net as well as goals, so that’s clearly not much of a problem for him.

Watch: Ovechkin effortlessly bombs one of his patented one-timers


  • Deep curve provides consistent release point and puck path
  • Large toe-to-heel pocket allows for versatility and one-timers from anywhere on the blade
  • High loft makes it easier to go top-shelf, especially on one-timers
  • Tapered toe and toe pocket facilitate toe drags and snapshots off the toe
  • The greatest goal-scorer of all time uses it


  • Deep curve and large pocket make backhand handling and shooting more difficult
  • High loft necessitates good technique, especially wrist roll
  • Your beer league goalie will hate you for using this pattern during warmups

If you’d like to own an Ovi Pro curve stick and help BASE produce this pattern, you can pre-order our one-piece sticks in the Ovi Pro pattern today! When we reach 40 pre-orders, we’ll produce a limited run of Ovi Pro blades and sticks. You’ll only be able to order the Ovi Pro until June 16th, so for those looking to stock up while they can, BASE is offering a 20% discount on orders of 3 sticks or more with the discount code "OVI Pro Deal" at checkout. For more information or to order tapered replacement blades, email or call 1-888-728-6977.

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Burt Jackson
Burt Jackson

July 08, 2019


The last paragraph confused me a little bit (about the pre orders & the limited run of Ovi pro tapered hosel blades).

I exclusively use tapered hosel 2 piece sticks (with tapered/thin hosel blades in my factory tapered fit thin hosel shafts from True hockey & Bauer).

Can I pre-order.left handed tapered thin hosel Ovi blades at this time or just one piece sticks?

If not when can I get a hold of a few of the pro-Ovi left handed tapered thin hosel blades?

Thank you

-Burt Jackson

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